NSD Congratulates 2013 TrackChaser Leaders!

Wilmette, IL (May 9, 2014) – National Speedway Directory is pleased to present the TrackChaser Group for its annual awards. Learn more about the winners of the TrackChasers awards on their site. Winners of the plaques in 2013 were Jeff Sands with 85 new tracks, Mike Knappenberger with 71 new tracks, Guy Smith with 61 new tracks, Roland Vanden Eynde of Belgium with 60 new tracks, and Edward Corrado with 44 new tracks.

Jeff Sands - TC 2013 - 85 New Tracks

Jeff Sands –
TC 2013 –
85 New Tracks


Mike Knappenberger – TC – 2013 – 71 New Tracks

                  For more info on TrackChasers, check out www.roamingtheraceways.com or contact Guy Smith at rtryfbar@aol.com. NSD is proud to support this award by presenting plaques made by Classic Trophy, Co. to the winners.